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VideoKids TV

VideoKids TV is a children's channel set up by De Moor Creative Industries with content created by and for children. Together with former management of Disney and MTV Networks, we will enter this market from January 1, 2020. We have already developed dozens of formats and have already produced around 50 episodes. Watch VideoKids TV for the first episodes.

De Jungleclub

The Jungleclub is one of the most popular children TV shows in Holland. 190 episodes, 35 theatre shows, 70 songs, 35 videoclips and millions of kids in the age of 5-12 and their parents who love to watch it.

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Bobb's House of Music

Bobb’s House of Music is a sitcom set in a vintage and stylish music store, located in the Village, New York. Each episode features 2 short live performances between students and celebrity stars and is a never-ending-source of comic sketches and tons of live music


After watching this Hollywood animation film bananas and cacti will never be the same to you. And you will never walk into a greengrocery without your imagination running wild…

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The Shower

The shower is a brand new talentscout format inspired by the place where unknown artists show their talent every day..  The shower!