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De Moor Creative industries is founded by Remko and Jules Peters. An Irish twin. Remko is the creator and Jules is the executor. Remko is a horrible drummer and Jules is an excellent guitar player. Jules is a realist, Remko isn’t. Jules cares about the cash flow, Remko doesn’t. Together they have been the beating heart of De Moor Creative Industries for over 25 years. With all the other dedicated creators at De Moor they are able to realize unique and original content.

Remko J. Peters
Creative Director

Connecting people and businesses is my life. I like to listen and talk with all kinds of people and reach my goals in an organic way. I'm in the international entertainment and leisure business for over more than 3 decades. 24/7 I'm looking for talented and inspirational people.

Jules M. Peters
Managing Director

Music is my passion and my profession for over 30 years. As a musician and as a business man I worked with great artists and producers. The entertainment business in general is where my passion is and specific in the operation of it.