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We are your partner for booking national and international artists. We have our own record label and a publishing department. We also produce customized live events for the major brands.

As an independent producer, we are constantly working on the development of TV and Film productions. Where originality always comes first.


We have our own studios for sound and image. These are also available to third parties. In addition to these facilities, we can also make the right equipment available for high-quality productions


"imagine there is no horizon..."

De Moor Creative industries is founded in 1993 by Remko and Jules Peters. An Irish twin. Remko is the creator and Jules is the executor. Remko is a horrible drummer and Jules is an excellent guitar player. Jules is a realist, Remko isn’t. Jules cares about the cash flow, Remko doesn’t. Together they have been the beating heart of De Moor Creative Industries for over 25 years. With all the other dedicated creators at De Moor they are able to realize unique and original content.